John Ollenburg, Partner | Consigliere | Swiss Army Knife:

  • Having earned accolade in a wealth of functions to include project management, business start-up, logistics, operations, relationships, purchasing and sales; John delivers success in industries to include management consulting, wine and spirits, retail, transportation, real estate and operations management. He additionally directs our internal activities related to logistics, purchasing, operations management, caseload support, as well as, partner and supplier relationships.

  • Blending multi-industry management and relationship development success, John enthusiastically directs our client and community engagement initiatives.

  • As a Wine & Spirits Consultant, John delivers unique and valuable insights to restaurant premises and retail establishments as our resident expert. Watch for his upcoming articles and reviews. Contact him regarding strategic initiatives. Read his highly successful article: “Prepare Yourself for Wine Events: Business & Pleasure.”

  • John’s earned repetitive success throughout his endeavors, including the ever-elusive Salesman of the Year award, especially while facilitating the start-up through sale success of Purple Feet Wines.

  • Recipient of the Distinguished Service Award from the Arthritis Foundation, John has chaired record-breaking events and collaborated with U.S. Congress for charitable cause. He is a reliable “go to” for community leadership success.

  • Lifelong learning student in business leadership, sales, operations, history, wine & spirits, world travel and culture.  

  • Extraordinary practical sense, unsurpassed field accomplishment and an unstoppable work ethic. 

  • 10+ years’ elected Board of Director service and community leadership roles.

Delivering 30+ years leadership, brand management and relationship development experience, John Ollenburg scouts and develops community, client and professional partnerships. Business owners and C-suite leaders find John dedicating himself across the board, acclimating to our rare expertise and extraordinary outcomes. Dedicated to excellence in community leadership and alliance development, John remains extremely active in the professional community and holds several leadership roles. Prior to his dedication to Ollenburg LLC and HRS, Ollenburg is credited as a key player in building Purple Feet Wines from inception through sale. Ask him anything about wine or spirits, and you'll get extraordinary answers! 

John works with key clients locally, nationally and abroad to understand pressing concerns and coordinate timely solutions. He scouts partners, seeking those with extraordinary expertise and exceptional quality. To learn more about how we can assist your company, please schedule a meeting through John! Additionally, he serves on our Talent Assessment team, especially lending his own talents to our intensive and Fair Credit Reporting Act compliant Background Investigation successes.

Prior to his success at HRS and Purple Feet, John earned progressive leadership opportunities in operations for Alaska Airlines. Community and charitable support is a constant dedication. An esteemed recipient of the "Distinguished Service Award" earned through his volunteer leadership of record-breaking Arthritis Foundation events, John coordinates fabulously successful events for great causes through our charitable initiatives. His dedication to clients and community is unsurpassed. 

John is active with Independent Business Association - Wisconsin, Dale Carnegie’s Presidents’ Circle, Corporate Casual, Cigar Networkers of Milwaukee, Literacy for All Cs, MMAC, and serves on the Ambassador Council for the Greater Brookfield Chamber of Commerce.