We deliver high-impact subject matter expertise to business owners and key executives. Whereas Chief HR Officer (CHRO) annual salaries can surpass $300,000 ( and BLS) and employment attorney annual salaries can surpass $175,000 (lawyer-salary.htm), our award-winning services exceed required knowledge-base of each discipline at only a scalable fraction of cost. Top quality employers and promising startups share full-time access to our highly accredited managing partner. Trusted Subject Matter Expertise (SME) to business owners, executives and HR/OD leaders for organizations small through major market headcount, saving and earning employer clients up to ROI exceeding 1000:1.


  • Senior practice in employment law consulting, expert affirmative defense and legal risk management

  • Comprehensive fractional Chief HR Officer deliveries with scheduled or on-demand access

  • Strategic planning in collaboration with CEO, COO, CFO and highest executive authorities

  • Corrective action counseling, employee disciplines, redemption and/or safe termination

  • Crisis management, handling and avoidance

  • Custom policy/practice design via executive-level coaching and mediation

  • Candidate background investigation and due diligence for comprehensive risk management

  • Anti-harassment/anti-discrimination training, investigation and affirmative defense

  • HR/OD initiative design, coaching, accountability and empowerment

  • Employee assessment, education, development and advancement planning; skills gap solutions

  • Team motivation, engagement, culture, branding and workplace productivity

  • Change management; growth or resizing, mergers and acquisitions, “dressing for sale”

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