The Proud Legacy of HRS

Human Resource Services, Inc.

After 35 years of high-impact success, HRS has closed operations with last official day being January 31. We are extremely proud of the legacy and continued impact to business, workplace, community and charitable landscape which will live on indefinitely thanks to our historical team, clients and partners. So many distinguished HRS alumni continue on with brilliant contributions and dedicated work in the professional community at large. Our support bricks shall remain in the structure of some of the greatest nationwide children’s organizations. Our academic, professional and visionary impact shall continue, and we remain proud. Our many inventions and pioneering continue to positively impact today’s workplaces, and we’ve proudly guided or watched others “pick up the torch” for continuous improvement. We pioneered work-life balance, technology, executive-level HR, wellness/childcare, casual Fridays, remote work, retaining and rewarding employees, training methodology, diversity, motivational study, legal compliance as a win-win, startup through sweat equity, healthcare coalitions and so much more. Our Commit to Kidz and Commit to Biz charities helped build some great organizations!

HRS has always been known and relied upon for accurate and visionary predictions. To that end, we see enough change on the approaching HR industry horizon to validate this as the most responsible decision for all stakeholders, past and present. We are at a time where the smallest impact can be felt beyond that taken on by the family shareholders, and we can safeguard our achievements in a “greater good” capacity for all we’ve had the honor with which to collaborate and deliver results.

The last day for official operations was January 31, 2019. Time now is spent winding down operations, a task we are committed to seeing through with due diligence.

Whereas Ollenburg LLC is extremely unique to HRS, our Managing Partner, Jessica Ollenburg, brings forth extraordinary experience from HRS into Ollenburg LLC, now focusing entirely upon sharing and applying that learning with our savvy client employers.

For any inquiries relating to HRS, please contact Jessica Ollenburg directly. Jessica serves as Official Custodian of Records for Human Resource Services, Inc., and the hundreds of thousands of employers and employees with whom HRS proudly worked and the equal amount of lives we have touched.

We send heartfelt gratitude to our supporting communities. We are truly proud of the “really cool stuff” we have accomplished and how it shapes betterment today for so very many. We couldn’t have accomplished this without the receptiveness of our clients and our smart, ambitious and hardworking team members. Please thank our legacy clients, historical team and the great affection from academia and mainstream media who helped us deliver great impact. Please support these great people who continue on doing great things today and tomorrow!