Managing Partner, Jessica Ollenburg:

  • Award-winning entrepreneur, legal expert, community leader and influencer, earning honors from CEO Today, Ernst & Young's Entrepreneur of the Year program, Arthritis Foundation, legislative officials and a wealth of esteemed high-impact organizations. 

  • Recognized by the U.S Patent and Trademark Office for multiple professional inventions enjoyed universally today. 

  • Combined doctorate-level studies at the intersection of Employment Law, Business Administration & Organizational Psychology. 

  • Extraordinary dedication to the sciences of business administration, behavioral anthropology and statutory/case law. 

  • Accepted the challenge and succeeded to drive a highly-leveraged family-owned Disadvantaged Business Enterprise, powering forward to surpass $50 million in aggregate worldwide sales, 35 years of high-impact success and surpassing 1500 field employees. 

  • Unbeaten success stories as award-winning visionary, longstanding executive expert/trainer and confidant to business owners.

  • Recognized as a "Pioneer of HR Management and Research" in Fortune Magazine and called upon by the Institute of Management Consultants and SHRM to preside on certification panels, establish nationwide professional standards and identify/close gaps.

  • Consistently pursued by global media, esteemed academia and top professional organizations for rare insights into future trends and cutting-edge solutions.  

  • Called upon by fellow legal professionals and courts as expert witness with unblemished record of protecting client employers in affirmative defense to reasonable care.

  • 20+ years’ esteemed guest professorship and curriculum design for top universities; 30+ years high-powered mentoring and training of emerging influencers and leaders.

  • 30+ years’ elected Board of Director service to esteemed private, charitable, community and legislative organizations.

An internationally triple-certified educator-author-consultant, Ms. Ollenburg presents research and visionary solutions to employer clients, for profit and not-for-profit, ranging 1-100,000+ employees. Called upon regularly by academia, media and professional development forums to discuss new findings and future forecasts, Jess is recognized as one of the longest standing experts in one of today's fastest growing fields. An internationally published author, Jessica's high ranking expertise has been showcased by the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune, Money, Businessweek, CNN, the Washington Post,, The Business Journal, nationwide bookstores and more!  

With MBA/JD/organizational psychology studies and the earliest BSBA in HR Management from Marquette University, Jessica instructs in corporate and academic settings at graduate, undergraduate and professional certification levels, including affiliations as recurring guest professor/curriculum designer with top-ranked programs to include Loyola, Marquette and UNC - Chapel Hill plus the University of Wisconsin and the University of San Diego.  In addition to working with audiences who eagerly embrace learning, Ollenburg can be found transforming audiences skeptical to learn, including newbie supervisors and at risk youth.

Ollenburg co-founded HRS Human Resource Services, Inc. and drove it to worldwide success, closing it at a “Seinfeld-esque” peak to preserve longstanding influence. Simultaneously she delivered board service to a wealth of charitable, community and legislative initiatives. Serving public policy, she collaborates with and advocates to local elected officials and U.S. congressional reps. Working with and commended by local, state and federal government, Ollenburg co-founded and chaired a New Berlin WI public-private partnership representing the 600+ employers which serves as the successful prototype for today's national initiatives.

Delivering leadership to Scottsdale AZ as esteemed Public Policy Advisory Council Member for Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce, she participated in economic development delegation to China as well as mayoral campaign due diligence and East Valley partnership initiatives. Elected to Board of Directors and advocating to U.S. Congress, Ms. Ollenburg served nearly 12 dedicated years in leadership for the Arthritis Foundation, Wisconsin Chapter, including governance council for establishing the regional chapter. Recipient of the "Distinguished Service Award," Jessica chaired multiple events, breaking fundraising records and providing leadership to initiatives that raised millions.

In the early 1990's, Jess pushed HR and OD onto the executive radar, including rare certification by the Institute of Management Consultants with worldwide recognition. Jessica was re-certified by the IMC and earned a third professional certification through the National Bureau of Certified Consultants.  She has served on certification panels and committees for both the IMC and SHRM and provides educational prep to HRCI candidates to include SPHR and GPHR certification programs.

An esteemed leader and long-time member of CEO roundtables, Jessica has earned a wealth of client recognition from small, mid-sized and Fortune-rated firms, as well as, strategic alliances and media for her unique expertise, tangible success and innovation.  Honored by Ernst & Young's Entrepreneur of the Year program, Jess has consistently been proven a "visionary" by succeeding where others are still forming new businesses to emulate!  As examples of her still popular early inventions, Ollenburg in 1987 designed and implemented one of the first software Applicant Tracking programs and in 1983 worked to create sophisticated labor tracking and reporting now internationally distributed and recognized by the U.S. Patent Office.

Credited with breaking the glass ceiling, Jessica achieved as a woman in business long before it was fashionable, supported or celebrated to do so.  A 25-year Junior Achievement advisor/supporter, 20-year college/high school speaker and a 5+ year youth athletic coach/volunteer, she has consistently spearheaded a personal and professional campaign to give back.

Recipient of the National Leadership Award from Washington, DC, Jessica has also been appointed to the Business Advisory Council, partnering with congressional committee, and presented by invitation to NASA. Offered contract to host her own nationally syndicated radio show, she accepted invitation from Forbes Business & Technology Review in partnership with Sky Radio, serving major airlines.  Broadcast on international flights, Jessica was profiled as a newsworthy leader in a program featuring esteemed speakers Madeleine Albright and President Jimmy Carter.